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Dressing Up Ideas for New Year's Eve Parties

December 30, 2017


#StealAStyle from our favourite influencers and add a touch of You 

Still undecided on what to wear for New Year's Eve parties tomorrow? Don't panic! Take a leaf from these style experts and add a touch of your personality. Start the New Year feeling and looking good. :)


Chase Away The Blues

Photo: Aimee Song @songofstyle 


 A pop of royal blue certainly spells festive! With such a strong luxurious colour, you can choose to wear it simply as a long dress or give it a little edge by having pleated details.  


Photo: Irene Kim, @ireneisgood


Switch black for an equally flattering navy blue. And with those long fringe (love it!) and killer leather boots, you are ready to rock the party.


Metallic Hues

Photo: Liz Uy, @lizzzuy 


A metallic turquoise velvet jacket is a fail-proof way to looking smart and yet not overly formal. Works with other vibrant colours such as metallic fuchsia, purple, yellow.


Photo: Camille Co, @itscamilleco


If you have to stick to black why not add some shimmer? Go for a slightly metallic touch and if you want to go bolder try something like this statement ruffle pants. 


Green Envy

Photo: Alicia Roddy, @lissyroddyy


What's not to love about an emerald green velvet suit? This versatile look is a great way to pull of luxury lounge wear - feel comfortable and look stunning all together. 


Audaciously Red 

Photo: Chriselle Lim, @chrisellelim


A fiery red jacket instantly alleviates a simple causal tee plus jeans look. With a matching lip colour, go loud and bold as you welcome a brand new year and new start. 


Sweet Pink

Photo: @chrisellelim featuring 


Show some love and girl power by going colour coordinated with your gals in ombre pink! All shades of pink, champagne, rose, hot pink are welcomed.


Champagne and Glitter

Photo: @revolve featuring Jourdan Sloane, @jourdansloane


If bold colours are not your style, then how about an all champagne ensemble? This look nails it and looks equally stunning. A matching thigh high boots completes the dress. A furry coat is a nice addition to keep you warm and fuzzy. 


Photo: Rochelle Johnson, @iambeauticurve


A glittering wrap dress tones up the champagne colour without looking overly sparkly. And the crucial black linings just infused the right amount of sharpness and modernity.


Florals and Patterns 

Photo: Qijin & Qwon, @q2han


Get fancy with a touch of floral prints on a pants or nice fitted top. For starters you can try wintry floral prints on black or other darker colours. If you want to up the game, then go for huge, spring floral prints on a statement outerwear, like this jacket above!


Photo: Qijin & Qwon, @q2han


Play with textures, patterns and have fun! A matching tweed jacket and skirt paired with boots gives off a vintage old school vibe while still looking chic.  



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