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Style up your outfits with jewellery inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature - G A I A

While there's a growing preference for comfort, causal wear during this gloomy times, you can still keep up your style game. Look effortlessly chic by accessorising with some unique and expressive jewellery.

G A I A, a curated earrings collection, is a contemporary interpretation of Nature. Inspired by her various facets, colours and elements, each piece of jewellery is like art and hopes to gift the glow of inner beauty upon its wearer.

She can be calm like the blue seas, pure like white sand, glamorous like shining gemstones… She can be beautiful how ever she wants.

Own your style, mix and match these artistic and stylish designs.


She is the union of two puzzle pieces.

This semi-circle stud earring is a wearable piece of art and symbol of feminine beauty, embracing various facets and colours. Comes in two design variations, mustard yellow-emerald green and burgundy–nude beige, that can be worn interchangeable to your liking.

Faces of Gaia

This minimalist and quirky accessory depicts Mother Nature in a circular token-like stud design.

The there colours white, blue and brown mimics the elements Sky, Sea and Land.

Its simplistic yet not ordinary style makes it your go-to-fashion accessory to spruce up your daily outfit. Collect all colours and indulge in the fun of pairing up.


Minimalist stud earrings in a sharp angular design, exuding an edgier look. Available in two rich colours olive green and burnt umber.

Wear this square stud like a minuscular framed portrait.

The Pebble

Let out the inner child in you with this fun, vibrant earring!

Uniquely shaped like a pebble, it gets coated in strong, bright colours of Nature.

Available in two colours, emerald green and mustard yellow.


A dangle earring design that is elegant with a playful touch.

This two-piece ensemble comes in an abstract shape and features colourful freestyle strokes.

Available in two design variations cream-burgundy and periwinkle blue - turquoise.


Fragments of earth-tone coloured glass stain pieces are encased together in a gold-plated metallic base, forming this exquisite jewellery.

This dainty dangle earring combines natural raw beauty with classic sophistication.


Named after the Greek goddess, this statement fashion accessory is the emblem of love, beauty and passion.

A state-of-the-art jewellery – mirrored pieces of an intricate face carving in gold colour.

The Vines

Drawing inspiration from winding vines, this gold colour stud earring is sculptured to form an interlocking weave pattern.

Look effortlessly chic in this versatile, elegant design.

Mirror Mirror

Always timeless beauty in gold jewellery.

Here is a classic, polished style – irregular-shaped gold shard earrings.

Mirror Mirror, who’s the fairest of them all?

Shop the collection here.

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