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Didn't make it? Here's What You Missed At Light-To-Night Festival

To be honest, we almost missed the Light to Night Festival too and only made it in time on the very last day! Was it worth the last-minute impromptu 18-min walk there? Well, how glad we were that we went. :)

In case you have not heard about the event, the Light to Night Festival is an annual urban art event held in the Civic District of Singapore. This year marks its second edition and is themed 'Colour Sensations'. True to its name, the whole area was lit-up and transformed into a colourful spectacle!

Discover below the beautiful artworks such as Art skins on monuments by 30 Singaporean and Singapore-based artists, as well as CHROMASCOPE by Spinifex group, an interactive visual projection on the facade of National Gallery.

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