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2018 Intentions

Well, it's a lil late, but, it's always better than never :)

Happy New Year Everyone! We spent the new year cuddled at home, wanting to use it as a sign to recuperate and get feisty for the year ahead. Looking behind, 2017 had more then its fair share of downs for us. So when 2018 arrived, we knew that what's done can't be undone; the only way on is to look forward. Each of us came up with 3 intentions for the year ahead, to remind ourselves that things won't always stay bad & we can always do better!

The Dongseng: Cerlyn

1. Have a little more faith in 'Me'.

The year 2017 can be summed up in one word for me – trying. In a literal sense as we keep trying different things for to start-up. But of course, not every effort input equates results.

I’ve made several decisions in terms of my career and I can’t be sure if they are all good or not. Yet one thing I can be sure of, is that there is no regrets in pursing my dreams. And I know that walking the path less travelled is not easy, and even harder so when your faith gets wavered. But I have come to learn that doubting yourself only makes you paralysed with fear.

So this year, while the troubles and worries may not go away, I am going to tell myself this: Have a little more faith, believe in myself and take a step forward.

2. Smile and be more Positive.

Especially when things aren’t going well, it is very easy to become pessimistic and see or foreseeable the ‘dark side’ of things. But honestly, what good does it do to think like that?

And so in 2018, I want to remind myself to learn and see the good in everything. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

But saying is always easier than doing. Hmm… Think I can start with counting my blessings and perhaps I will naturally become more optimistic.

3. Learn a New Skill.

If you have read ‘About Us’ you would know that I don’t really have a formal education or background in journalism. Hence what I really want to learn is photography, especially editorial photography.

Well, without enough time and budget to enroll in a course I intend to self-learn it just like how I did for paintings. So if you are a photographer or know of anyone who teaches photography on Youtube, please do leave a comment with the link to your channel, thanks!

The Unnie: Jesslyn

1. Keeping my Health in Check & Work towards a Stronger Bod = Less Self Doubt

Things have been left unchecked for so long I can't remember. I used to think that as long as I'm happy, what size I am shouldn’t matter. But, it seems that being satisfied and simply letting things go are two very different things. I've ignored all the tiny lil 'warning' signs my body gave me, so much so they have gathered on new year's eve to give me a HUGE one. Oh, I've laughed. But I guess the last laugh is on me.

So, for the new year, I need to work out a change in my life. And, it (should) start with a change the timings, the diet and the sweat. It's been a year of owl night-up and waking up in the noons, so I can't say it's gonna be easy. As for the diet, I have no choice, my internal system has gone cray, so it's gonna be more vegs & fruits in the days to come. Do share with me any effective forms of diet thou !. Lastly, I will figure out a regime that works for me (*cross my fingers*). When all things start gaining rhythm, I believe, my confidence should return.

2. Stop Procrastinating, Create & Learn More, Design Farther

Last year, I certainly took many things way too easily. Starting up was never an easy route. Especially so in an artistic industry. So grateful for a partner that's my sister, don’t think I could ever find a better business partner.

Guess the 3 year bachelors took a larger toll on me then I had imagine. It's not so much what has happened, but rather, what didn’t take place. I keep looking back to the past, kept holding on to the what-ifs. But now as I'm writing this, I realise that it is these 'what-ifs' that has kept me from moving forward. Everything happens for a reason. So, it's time to move on, literally. I have to stop procrastinating. (You wouldn’t believe I was even procrastinating on writing this, lol) I should learn to rush- rush to pen down an idea, rush to illustrate, rush to code, rush to pick up a new language etc, you get the picture. My creative/design side became stagnant; it seems every time I get an idea, by the time I decide to work on it I forget it (typical, #headshake from sis). I have to learn to grab on and stop letting opportunities go.

3. Job & Finance Management

Yes, the fundamental aspect of living. Money. I'm in my late twenties, it's time to pick up something called Financing. Simply getting any job just isn't gonna cut it. Do something you like and you'll never have to 'work'. This is true. My previous jobs didn’t last not because the money wasn’t good. They just didn’t feel right. Of course I understand that there are possibilities of not working out, but we just have to try don’t we? Coupled with appropriate finance management (with help from relevant sources), I feel confident we'll work it out :).

That's it so far, so what are your 2018 resolutions? Even if you havent though of it yet, fret not, its never too late to start :)


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