International Highlight for SFW 2017 - Designer Jason Wu

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Jason Wu, celebrated young American designer or more commonly known as Mrs Michelle Obama’s preferred choice, will be gracing us with his Spring Summer 18 collection this October during the Singapore Fashion Week. To have the highly talented designer showcase his amazing works right here in our hometown, needless to say, we are thrilled! 😊 And as if there isn't enough elements to stir you up, here’s five things that we are going to share about the designer (prior to his shot to fame with Mrs Michelle Obama’s dresses) that's bound to trigger your interest and following!

1. Glamourous Barbie dolls in Vogue style, Jason Wu dolls

Photo: Integrity Toys

Wu had always loved playing with dolls since young, which is an unusual and not very acceptable hobby for (most) boys in Asian cultures particularly. Kudos to his Mother for being his pillar of support and her nurturing ways paved the beginnings for his success. In fact, his first job was as a designer for a toy company; Integrity Toys. That became the birthplace of Wu's two doll lines - Jason Wu Dolls and Fashion Royalty. Dress-making is a technical and tedious job for the meticulous at heart with skilled hands. Imagine this at a minuscule level; it is indeed admirable.

2. Florals. Sensuality. Femininity.

A certain sort of femininity exudes from Wu’s creations, be it sensual and elegant or vintage- inspired yet contemporary, they had a distinct effeminate feel. And often flowers played a key role in them.

We certainly share his love for flowers! See the floral power at work.

Photo: BoF

If you look back at all of my collections, every one has had a floral print or motif or embroidery. Floral has been something that's been key to me.” – Jason Wu in an interview with

3. The colour Grey, is very special to him

Photo: Jason Wu

Grey is Wu’s favourite colour. In 2016, Pantone launched a new grey colour under his name which is also used to mark the launch of his new line GREY Jason Wu. GREY presents a younger, more playful Ready-to-wear option to a wider reach of consumers who might be delighted to know that this line will be at a lower price point than his namesake label. Admittedly, an affordable Jason Wu sounds more attractive than say, Zara, doesn't it?

4. Jason Wu’s Fragrance

Did you know that the inspiration behind this fragrance goes all the way back to his childhood memories and Asian roots?

Photo: Jason Wu

Jasmine is a key flower featured in Wu’s fragrance line. Jasmine flowers exude a refreshing sweet scent that is not overpowering, rather smoothing, and are quite popular in Asian cultures. Wu grew up in Taiwan and his neighbourhood was filled with jasmine. However, he did not specify the use of it, instead he only discovered it in a blind test. This proves how a scent can be a lingering memory in your subconsciousness. Don't we all have a particular memory that comes to mind when we smell something familiar :)?

5. Fashion x Interior Design x Wu - Brizo’s collection

Brizo is a luxury brand of faucets and has been a constant support for Wu, being his main show sponsor since his debut in 2006. Some might question the compatibility of Home Appliance and Fashion but a common belief - “Timeless Style that is Innovative and Fresh.”

is what holds them together.

Photo: Brizo

The faucet is the showcase of their partnership and it does hold its charms! Clean, classic and sophisticated, this is a brilliant example of luxurious living. And it is not just pretty-looking, it is certainly functional as well, enlightened with great technology. Do find out more from

It is impressive what companies like Brizo are doing; having the keen eye to seek out talent and taking the leap of faith to support young (newly started) fashion brands. Such help is so crucial yet so little in Singapore. Hopefully there will be increasingly more of such investments and partnerships made available in the near future not just for us, but for every budding inspiring young talents out there.

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes. It’s a lifestyle. – Jason Wu for Brizo

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