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Couture Easter, Loves

Pink, yellow, blue, green, and then pink again… F.B. holds up his paint brush, twists it below his long bunny ears and heaves a long sigh. Why must bunnies only become Easter Bunnies? Sure it’s an important job but not every bunny is cut for the job. He’s got talent; he’s got his own dreams too. Da la da dum da la la… F.B. hums gleefully in swirling motions with a napkin that would have been transformed in a stunning couture dress in his imagination. Alright don’t laugh, but a bunny can have big dreams too, and his has now become - a Fashion Designer :) Ingenuity struck him, and his eyes lit up in excitement. This year, the Easter eggs are going to look different; they will be given a chic, fashionable makeover. This year's Easter isn't only going to give children bundles of joy. They are going to breathe - Couture.

Yes, we are up in dramatics :) but, who doesn't love a lil story alongside ?

I'm sure some or many of us remembers the #VogueEasterEggs a few years back. We came across them and were so inspired, there's no way we are gonna skip on it this Easter. If you guys missed it, check out this link VogueEasterEgg to see the original works.

But here's a lil twist, we are not just going international, we are really proud of some of our local designers too. J&C are all for #supportSGlocal as we really do feel the 'pain' of SG local designers trying to find their way into the international market. (one of us is a Fashion Designer, so trust us, we do.)

As such, let us present to you our Couture Eggs :) The upper row, starting from left to right; Givenchy, GUCCI SS16 and FW16, Balmain. The lower row, same sequence, MaxTan, J&C (our own touch:>), Ong Shunmugam and VainGlorious You.

Which is your favourite?

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