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Jess&Cer is founded by sisters Jesslyn and Cerlyn, who share common interests in Fashion and Arts.


Tired of hearing the common saying that fashion and arts are not sustainable careers in Singapore, they strive to carve a way out for themselves.

Even if it means taking the road less travelled, they believe it is possible to purue both passion and livelihood.





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Despite not having a formal education in fashion, upon discovering her interests, Cerlyn went on to gain working experience in the industry, starting with an internship with Digital Fashion Week.


Since then she has continued to work in the creative field, with experience in marketing, public relations, events management and freelance writing.

She also explored her artistic side further by taking up painting as a hobby and possibly therapy. Learning from online tutorials and videos, she became a self-taught artist in mix medium – both acrylic and watercolour.

“It is not easy to go against your own pragmatic mindset. But if you truly believe in something, have faith in yourself and just do it.”



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An avid lover of all things related to design, arts, crafts and most importantly fashion.

“I have always wanted to do fashion design since my childhood. Hence, despite the many objections and obstacles, I'm really happy and proud to finally say that I am a fashion designer now.”

After attaining a diploma in business administration, and working in corporate for sometime, Jesslyn still felt bugged by an inner voice that this is not what she wants to do in life. The decision was not easy, and not without objections, but it felt like now or never.

Taking a leap of faith, she then got enrolled in and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Design by Nottingham Trent University. Her graduate collection was also showcased at Singapore Fashion Week.

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